Blueprint for Change: Education Success for Children in Foster Care

  The cornerstone publication of the Legal Center, the Blueprint for Change is a tool for change. The 8 goals and 56 corresponding benchmarks are a framework or checklist for direct case advocacy and system reform. Use the Blueprint for Change framework to identify a jurisdiction’s strengths and areas to improve.

Fostering Connections Implementation Toolkit

  Use this publication to understand the education provisions of the law, learn practical strategies from other jurisdictions, and develop plans to effectively implement the law.

Examples of tools include:

  • Short Question and Answer Factsheet
  • Step-by-Step Implementation Checklists
  • Judicial Checklist
  • Detailed Issue Briefs on All Requirements With State Examples
  • Factsheet About Overlap with McKinney-Vento Act
  • Appendix of Statutory Language and Administrative Guidance
Visit the Education Stability page for more information.

Solving the Data Puzzle: A How-To Guide on Collecting and Sharing Information to Improve Educational Outcomes for Children in Out-of-Home Care

  Use this publication to identify your jurisdiction’s information-sharing goals and understand what mechanisms must be in place for information-sharing to occur, including addressing federal and state confidentiality laws. Visit the data and information-sharing page for more tools and resources. 

Searchable Database

Search our database for resources and documents on the education needs of children in foster care. Search by state, topic, audience, or document type. 

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Question & Answer Factsheets

Learn the spectrum of issues related to foster care and education with these short factsheets.

Issue Briefs

Read in-depth legal and policy analyses related to foster care and education, including implementing the Fostering Connections Act. Issue briefs include promising practices and state examples.

Special Education Decisionmaking Series

Who can make special education decisions for a child in foster care is a complex, state-specific issue. The Legal Center has developed a series on special education decision making for children in foster care, including factsheets and articles.

Courtroom Education Advocacy Series

This series helps attorneys, advocates, and judges improve education outcomes for children in foster care. This series includes:

  • Q & A Factsheet: Courtroom Education Advocacy 
  • Judicial Checklist Around Fostering Connections
  • Sample Juvenile Court Rules
  • Half- or Full-Day Courtroom Education Advocacy Training Curriculum
  • Compilation of Education and Child Welfare Laws and Regulations Around Foster Care and Education
Request training or technical assistance on courtroom education advocacy.

Adaptable State Technical Assistance Tools

The Legal Center has developed a variety of materials that can be adapted to states:
  • Training for Judges, Advocates, Child Welfare and Educators
  • Data Sharing Agreements and Interagency Memoranda of Understanding
  • Screening Tools for Child Welfare and Education Agencies
  • Step-by-Step Guides for Educators
  • Juvenile Court Rules

Request training or technical assistance for your state.