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   In 2007, three nationally respected advocates for the educational rights of children in foster care - the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law, the Education Law Center and the Juvenile Law Center - formed the Legal Center for Foster Care and Education. We provide:

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  • The technical assistance provided by the Legal Center for Foster Care and Education to our statewide educational project has been phenomenal. We have with their assistance been able to survey statewide all of our judges, probation officers, and case workers about the educational needs of the youth we serve. As a result we have instituted new reporting forms, with feedback from the Legal Center for Foster Care and Education, and established a statewide endeavor to improve educational outcomes for court involved youth.

    Hon. Lawrence D. Gendler, Judge, Sarpy County, Nebraska, Juvenile Court

  • We’ve utilized the Legal Center for Foster Care and Education for years. The information on the website, including the quality webinars, factsheets, videos and links are outstanding and very helpful. Their timely and cutting edge assistance and focused responses to all inquiries are like having a paid consultant in the office down the hall. I highly recommend the website, and the work all their dedicated professionals.

    Tom Murtha, Program Coordinator/Educational Liaison, Second Judicial District Court, Nevada
  • Kids in School Rule!, a four-partner collaboration in Hamilton County, Ohio, relies upon the expertise, insights and resources of the Legal Center for Foster Care and Education for design, implementation and problem-solving. In recent years, the Center has been integral to our achievements in creating systemic changes that promote education success and stability for students in foster care, and to the development of cross-system data collection. In addition, we place tremendous value on the Center as a resource to keep us informed about changes in federal laws, regulations and other communications that have tremendous implications for our work. There is no other entity that fills the need for leadership in the intersection of education and child welfare.

    Elaine E. Fink, Managing Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Southwest Ohio, LLC

  • The Legal Center for Foster Care and Education provided invaluable assistance to Nebraska as it developed instruments and practices to improve judicial oversight of school changes and children's educational needs. The Center's staff was very knowledgeable about issues, barriers and solutions and effectively supported a diverse group of stakeholders to move forward in the planning and implementation of these processes.

    Vicky Weisz, Private Consultant
  • The Legal Center for Foster Care and Education provided invaluable guidance and technical assistance to the Connecticut Judicial Branch, Court Improvement Program on the education project we have undertaken.  The attorneys were particularly helpful in providing credible, practical, expert knowledge to our  work group.  They were especially helpful in interpreting the nuances of the federal “Fostering Connections” legislation.  Their expertise and the resources available through the Center allowed us to work collaboratively with our child welfare partners to provide guidance and training to judges, court staff, parent and children’s attorneys and agency attorneys.  And most importantly, to better serve the educational needs of children and their families within the court system.

    Marilou Giovannucci, Manager, Connecticut Judicial Branch Court Operations
  • I learned about the Legal Center when I shared personal experiences during their webinar to help schools improve school climates and discipline for children in foster care. As an educator and former administrator of schools serving large numbers of children in foster care, I was honored to be a part of the Legal Center’s efforts. A happy, successful adult life is only possible when children pursue their education. And, children in foster care often struggle to do this because of the challenges they face. Therefore, it is our duty, opportunity and privilege to support these children, just as others have supported us when we were in need!

    Karen Bayer , Educator and former Administrator, from Lubbock, Texas
  • As a guardian ad litem and advocate for youth in foster care, I use The Legal Center’s fact sheets, sample materials, and guides regularly in my practice. It is so helpful to have quick, user-friendly summaries of the law both for myself and to share with non-attorneys working with our youth, such as CASAs or caseworkers.

    Kristin W. Melton, Esq. | Education Program Director , Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center, Denver, Colorado